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Space, the new territory for pharmaceutical Research and CDMO
What about the legal stakes?

PHARMAnetwork magazine - November 2021

Many experiments have been conducted throughout the years in the ISS and have helped significantly develop medical knowledge on diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer, asthma or even heart problems.

CDMOs are among those actors being possibly involved as contributing to the development of molecules to be tried in Space or developed on the basis of results collected in Space. How does this work from an EU and French law perspective?

What are the governing rules on the way of conducting these research projects aboard the ISS, of using existing data, generating new results, protecting intellectual property and managing disputes?

You will find below an article co-written for the annual Newsletter of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Law Committee of the @International Bar Association #IBAHealthcare, by Cécile Théard-Jallu, Partner, Carlyne Sevestre, Associate, Emma Lucas, Legal intern, of the French law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés, with the preliminary interview of Pascale Altier, VBO Consulting's CEO collaborating with the MEDES - Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology, the health unit of the CNES, the French National Center for Space Studies

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