Editorial approach adopted across
the magazine

Edited since 2008, PHARMAnetwork magazine is a quaterly international news and business publication, covering every aspect of the pharmaceutical value chain at the intersection between the pharmaceutical and outsourcing industries.

PHARMAnetwork magazine's independent editorial line offers a perspective and a synthesis of the flow of international news with the aim of bringing the most important information to decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry.

PHARMAnetwork celebrate the cardinal values of journalism, to make the right checks, to gather evidence, and provide our readers with information of the highest standard in order to make our news reliable and ensure that our readers can trust us

PHARMAnetwork magazine carries a mix of analysis, trend pieces, interviews, case studies, profiles and opinion columns, together with exclusive data.
Each issue includes a special focus on a relevant topic: Companies & Markets Europe, America, Asia; Approvals; Mergers & Acquisitions; Outsourcing; Financial; Strategy; Regulatory.

Our Special Reports are an invaluable tool for decision-makers, providing insight into the essential topics and trends for approval reports, M&A, the outsourcing market, etc. These reports give senior executives fast access to the information they need in making the right connections and decisions for their businesses.

PHARMAnetwork magazine is published in three formats:

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